Is it really allergy season again?  Allergies are a frustrating and draining (no pun intended) problem for people physically and emotionally.   Allergies begin (or worsen) over time based on our immune system.  After being exposed to a substance over time, the body reaches a threshold of tolerance to the offending substance resulting in a release of histamines, which cause symptoms such as itchy/watery eyes, congestion, fatigue, coughing, and sneezing.  People who have other physical (and even emotional) conditions often have worse allergy symptoms because the body’s immune system is already working hard to correct the other conditions.

It’s allergy season again, so what do I do?  Here are a few options:  1) Anti-histamine pills can work by blocking the symptoms and allergy shots or homeopathic remedies can work by slowly introducing an allergen to the body to allow it to stop reacting. 2) Another approach is Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing, which is a modern synthesis between western and eastern healing techniques.  Muscle strength is tested while touching specific areas of the body, which provides neurological information about energy blockages that can be fixed using non-invasive, gentle corrections.  This allows the body to heal itself and stop reacting to the offending allergen.

There is a solution to your allergies.  Finding the right method that will work for your particular body is the key.  Curious about Muscle Testing? Contact Heather Wen today for your FREE Consultation at 623-680-3399, #myahamoment, #azhealingalternatives, Web:, FB:

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March 14, 2018 9:16 pm