HIPPA Privacy Laws: Is It Really Important?

Most of us have heard the term HIPPA and signed the papers at a medical office. Heather discusses privacy (in general) in a world with electronic records and social media so you can decide what it really means to you and what you want to do about it.   

You Are Perfectly, Imperfect!

In this AHA Moment Short, Heather reviews the term, “Perfection Everywhere, Always” as taught to her by her spiritual teacher, Dr. Judith Larkin-Reno.    Watch the “But, It’s Not Perfect” AHA Moment here.

How To Deal With Parasites

Parasites are everywhere. In this video, Heather discusses the definition of parasites, where they come from, and how to treat them.   

Is Teasing A Bad Or Good Thing?

Surprisingly, teasing is used across cultures, in human babies, and even in animals. Is it a bad or good thing? In this video, Heather discusses the research and shares a good article on the subject.    

Does Meditation Have To Be That Hard?

Often times, we think that meditation has to take a long time or has to be done in a certain way. In this video, Heather talks about how to make meditation easy.

Informed Consent

 In this AHA Moment video, Heather discusses the medical term, “Informed Consent”: what it means and how to ask questions to help you truly make an informed decision about your health care whether it be traditional western or alternative care.