How To Muscle Test Yourself, Part 2

In this AHA Moment, Heather provides a follow-up to the first, “How To Muscle Test Yourself” video done a few years ago🎉. There were so many great questions and comments 👏🏼 that Heather felt it important to make a second video on the subject. She will answer the most common...

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The Sound of Silence

While “The Sound of Silence” is a famous song by Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon, this song isn’t what Heather is referring to in this Youtube Short #short. If you’ve heard the expression, “Let’s Give A Moment of Silence…”, it is often used during events to remember someone or some...

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Heather At Elevate 2024

Heather was so honored to be asked to speak at Elevate2024 in February 2024🎉! It was truly an amazing experience to be there with so many talented speakers! In the presentation, Heather discusses a bit about her journey from Western Medicine to Applied Kinesiology in the form of Total Body...

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Legitimate Victim vs. Victim Mentality

In this AHA Moment, Heather tackles the complex topic of the word victim. From those that have been legitimately victimized to those who choose to stay in a victim mentality, it’s important to know when you do and do not have control over a situation with the choices you make....

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Breathing & Anxiety

In this Youtube #short, Heather talks about a quick and easy breathing technique to help decrease mild anxiety. She also covers the general differences between men and women and how they breathe. Enjoy!

Love & Power?

In this AHA Moment, Heather talks about love and what you find yourself experiencing when you feel love for a friend, family member, and/or a romantic partner. Does that love feel empowering or does it feel full of power struggles and feelings of being powerless? Where does compromise fit in...

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The Joy Of Pets

In this AHA Moment, Heather discusses not only the benefits of pets 🐾 but how we can help our pets with their health journey🐶😸. She reviews not only traditional treatment options but also some alternative treatments you may not have considered. Enjoy!

What Are Your “No Matter What’s”?

In the AHA Moment, Heather discusses another option to New Year’s Resolutions💡🎉. Instead of making resolutions that don’t work, find out what you will do no matter how busy you are, how tired you are, or how crazy life gets. Time to make small changes that last instead of resolutions...

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Just Do The Opposite

In a follow-up to the Youtube #short video, The Definition Of Insanity, Heather discusses a technique to help if you are having trouble getting the results you want in your life🤩! It is very frustrating to keep doing the same thing and wanting different results. Heather shares a technique she...

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The Definition Of Insanity

In this Youtube video #short, Heather discusses a famous saying of wanting change in your life but experiencing the frustration of not being able to manifest it. What could be going wrong🤷🏽‍♂️? In this part, it is knowing the famous saying and how you can change things up to manifest...

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