Remote Healing: Interview with President & CEO of Total Body Modification (TBM)

Heather is excited to present this video from the President & CEO of Total Body Modification (TBM), Dr, Kevin Millet. Dr. Millet is interviewed about his views on remote healing. Please click the link at the end of the introduction to take you to the Youtube video interview or view from the links below. Enjoy!

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Video Interview: Dr. Brett Butterfield discusses Remote Healing with Dr. Kevin Millet

Remote Healing at AHA

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November 8, 2021 4:47 pm

Understanding Grief and Loss

In this AHA Moment, Heather discusses the stages of grieving, cultural (and individual) differences in how people grieve, how to work the stages, and where to turn for help if you get stuck in any of the stages.

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October 8, 2021 10:06 pm

What Is Your Gut Telling You?

In this AHA Moment, Heather discusses gut reactions to people and things in your life. It’s important to know if you are coming from your head, heart, or gut as these different areas can impact your decision making.


September 14, 2021 5:39 pm

What is that ringing sound in my ears?

Tinnitus is an annoying constant (or intermittent) ringing in your ears. Unfortunately, many people live with this condition day in and day out. In this AHA Moment video Heather discusses different causes and treatment options for Tinnitus… Enjoy!


August 23, 2021 6:07 pm

Hormone Imbalance Options for Women & Men

Both women and men can experience hormone imbalances (throughout their lives) leading to physical and emotional problems. Heather discusses options so you can feel your very best… Enjoy!


July 24, 2021 7:38 pm

Little Known Chiropractic Techniques

Every health care practitioner has a different skill set that is based on the training he or she received. In this video, Heather discusses forgotten techniques in both western and chiropractic medicine.


July 9, 2021 2:39 pm

Easy Do It Yourself Vertigo Correction

Heather discusses the difference between dizziness and vertigo followed by doing a live demonstration. Watch as you learn an easy technique you can try at home to ease the symptoms of vertigo.


June 22, 2021 2:26 pm

Assumptions, Judgments, & Compassion

Are assumptions all that bad?
In this video, Heather discusses assumptions in relationship to how the brain functions and the positives and negatives of the assumptions our brain makes. Specifically, she gives examples on both sides regarding Covid-19 mask vs. no mask and vaccine vs. no vaccine options as well as examples from her personal and professional experience. Enjoy!


June 3, 2021 9:45 pm