I feel incredible!  “I can’t even describe it.  Like an internal calm…..I know my husband appreciates you also!  Thank you for sharing your gift.”  D.O.

5 stars plus from me!  “Heather Wen is a skilled, insightful and gifted healer. In addition she is respectful one’s individual situation. 5 stars plus from me!” L.C

We love Heather Wen as she really knows her stuff! “We love Heather Wen as she really knows her stuff! She is so good at what she does. If you haven’t been to see her you are missing out big time!” – T.H.

I plan to continue to see Heather Wen at Arizona Healing Alternatives. “I went to AHA because I had a recurring/constant Candida (yeast) problem in my body for years. I had tried numerous supplements over the years and had found that a diet with minimal sugar, one specific supplement, and a probiotic supplement were working to keep me symptom free. The one supplement cost was about $1.00 per tablet. At the time I started with AHA I was taking nine tablets a day. After the protocol for this type of issue was completed, and based on Heather testing my body, the dosage has been lowered to two tablets a day. I have had zero symptoms of Candida overgrowth, even when I ate too much sugar. I believe it is possible that I may be able to eliminate the expensive supplement in the future.

Another issue was pain and weakness in my left wrist when I picked up an item that weighed a few pounds. I assumed I had injured it but did not mention it to Heather Wen. She tested for Osteo-Arthritis and the resulting answer was positive. After she worked her magic the pain in my wrist is about 80% to 90% better after only five days. I have found that my body will continue to evolve after treatments and expect over time the pain in my wrist to be closer to 100% better.

I don’t know what she does or how she does it, but I have been to her for ten appointments. Based on what I have learned from her working with my body, I have eliminated or lowered the dosage on numerous supplements that I take. I plan to continue to see Heather Wen at Arizona Healing Alternatives. Every time I see her, I feel better and learn something new about my body. I wonder what else she will find in future appointments. It is a fascinating process and I am extremely thankful for her knowledge and expertise.” – J.N.

Heather is amazing! “Heather is amazing! I couldn’t shake a cold and after being treated, I started my road to recovery. It felt like she told my body how to fight it off!” – A.F.

Heather is wonderful! “Heather is wonderful. She is so smart, knowledgeable, supportive, responds quickly when I have called. Thank you!” – P.J.

She cleared my mind and body and helped me move on and feel like my old self without medication. “I highly recommend Heather and Arizona Healing Alternative! I had her card for almost a year and kept moving around my desk. Finally feeling super stuck and just not right I decided to take care of myself. Heather was amazing! She cleared my mind and body and helped me move on and feel like my old self without medication. In addition, she got rid of my allergies! This Italian girl can eat pasta again! and I am leading the life I am meant to lead. Thank you Heather!!!” – S.A.M.

Everything about it is perfection. “Have been seeing Heather at AHA for probably close to a year now. There is not a moment that goes by that I am not grateful for the experience. Everything about it is perfection. Heather is a beautiful soul who is excellent at what she practices. The technique she studied and uses is equally excellent and has been both healing and balancing for this body. Today I asked Heather if I could live in her office. That is how wonderful her energy and the ambiance of the office combined makes me feel. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Feel free to message me if you would like to hear more. Thank you Heather. You are amazing!” – I.Y.

I don’t know what I would do without Heather. “She has changed my life in such a huge way! I had a lot of pain or I was sick all the time. Now, I can go many months feeling great. I could not believe how fast she can fix my headaches, body aches even my colds. She has shown me many little tricks I could do at home to help with some problems I was having. Every time I needed to call her with some questions, she responded right away. Her customer service is one of a kind in my experience. I would recommend her to anyone.” – M.K.

I met Heather and she introduced me to TBM, my life changed for the better. “As a 55 year old woman I have had my share of physical and emotional problems. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, depression, ADD, fibromyalgia, a little bit of lupus and an acoustic neuroma. I was having an MRI every six months and taking many medications. I was very frustrated at not feeling better and getting more depressed.

Then I met Heather and she introduced me to TBM, my life changed for the better. Heather is so knowledgeable and sincere, you realize that you have found someone who will really listen to you and understand how you feel. I had so many doctors look at me like I was crazy. Heather is truly a breath of fresh air, who envelops you with a calm and healing feeling. With Heather’s guidance you learn what causes your physical ailments so that you can work on changing your life, aiming for health and happiness. You realize the mind, body connection is so very real and that you have the power to change it.

My mental and physical health are so much better today and I take much less medication. I am educated on my own health and how best to take care of myself. Heather has given me so many tools to help me keep my mind and body as healthy as can be. Without Heather’s work I would never have been able to turn my life around for the better.” – S.R.

You can see your physical and emotional wellness at a level you haven’t seen in years! “How can I explain what Heather can do for you? I liken it to having dark clouds lift off your shoulders. The amazing thing is you don’t even realize you are holding onto some of these dark clouds! But once they are gone, whoa! You can see your physical and emotional wellness at a level you haven’t seen in years! The funny thing is that you think you have an issue conquered since you have emotionally and intellectually dealt with it, but with Heather, you find out that your body is still holding onto the issue, which is holding you back from life! A few weeks after I started seeing Heather, I had so much more energy, that I was able to start exercising regularly! I have continued to exercise at least 5 times a week, several months later. I’m 26 inches smaller all over, with most of it coming off my buns, hips and abs.

Physically, Heather has healed so much for me. I could go in to see her with a migraine, and it would leave my body while on the table! Pain just disappears with the right correction. She balanced my hormones so I no longer suffer from monthly PMS and freight train headaches. Sugar cravings disappeared and my energy was sky high! It is so cool to see what your body needs and you will feel so much better when you get the corrections it’s demanding. I am a different person from when I started getting therapy from Heather several months ago, and I’m now happier with a level of wellness I never could have imagined. I believe Heather has given me a gift of wellness that I could never have obtained through traditional medicine or herbs and supplements.” – K.Y.

Heather is the best! “Changed my life with her techniques. A few visits and see for yourself!” – E.T.

So grateful for her care.  “Heather is a miracle worker. She has treated relatives, my dog and me. Her TBM treatments are life changing for improved health.” – T. L

Heather from Arizona Healing is incredible!  “She truly cares! She is one of the most loving people you will ever meet. She took care of my issues in just a few visits.” – M.C