Compromise vs. Losing Yourself In Relationships

In this AHA Moment, Heather talks about a great question asked by one of her patients about the difference between compromising vs. losing yourself in a relationship🧐.

Any relationship (whether friendship, family, and/or romantic), may experience challenges. When those challenges arise, how do you know if you are compromising or losing a part of yourself in the conflict.

Watch this video to find out the difference so that you can create the best and most harmonious relationships in your life🌈! Enjoy!

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July 12, 2024 7:08 pm

What Goes On In Your Head vs. What Was Said

In this AHA Moment #short, Heather talks about this phrase as it relates to your perception of a conversation you’ve had with someone. Many times, you may think about something you heard 🤔 and interpret it in a way that isn’t what the person actually said or meant.

If you want to communicate in ways that work for you (instead of against) you, watch this video for a short reminder about perception: it could save you a lot of hurt feelings and miscommunications🌈. Enjoy!

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July 7, 2024 3:15 pm