Man looking over the clouds at the sunset.


Every thought, word and action is processed by your brain. In western medicine, we truly only understand 10% of how the brain functions. We do know that the brain associates to create order and meaning. For example, if you’ve ever tensed up when someone you have never met before walks into the room but have had no idea why, your brain is likely associating that person with a previous experience: maybe they wear the same perfume or walk the same way as someone you don’t like.

Applied Kinesiology/Muscle Testing can access the nervous system and reprogram conditioning leftover from childhood or adult experiences. Think of it as detoxing your nervous system. It works by changing the body’s electrical and chemical response to a stimulus at specific physical and emotional points on the body. This allows the brain to associate (perceive) the situation differently. So, instead of feeling tense when that person enters the room, the experience triggers a relaxation response. Positive changes are possible and easier once the nervous system is detoxed or reprogrammed.


October 4, 2016 4:10 am