The holidays are over, and we are well into 2019, so why do I feel so, “Blah”?  If you are wondering how to get the most from life after the holidays, here are some things to consider.  Even if you came from a healthy family background, many people experience more stress around the holidays.  So, why don’t you feel great after either a great holiday or a challenging holiday season now that it’s over?

The first thing to consider is your physical health.  We are already having a big year for cold and flu viruses.  Many people have gotten sick with a virus only to have it turn into a bacterial infection ranging from sinusitis, bronchitis, and even pneumonia.  If you have been challenged by one of these this year and it is taking longer to resolve, it can lead to feeling less than your best.

If illnesses (or other physical conditions) have been ruled out, it is time to look at emotional causes, specifically expectations.  If you were filled with the idea of what the holidays “should” have looked like and the reality didn’t live up to the expectations that are outlined in all of the Hallmark cards or movies, you can experience a post-holiday let down.  I call it “shoulding” on yourself.  For example, “I should have done this for the holidays,” or “I should have know better than to….”.  You get the idea.  For some, all of the expectations lead to a fight or flight response or surge of adrenaline. Adrenaline was designed for survival when you need to run away from or fight a bear in the wild.  Unfortunately, most of us are secreting adrenaline all the time in reaction to physical or emotional stressors, so if the adrenaline stops, a feeling of “blah” or fatigue can set in.

I see this frequently when I use a technique to turn off the fight or flight response during sessions.  When I turn off the response, I often hear the comment that people feel more relaxed or tired after a session followed by feeling energized later.  This is the same reason why you feel tired after finally getting a great night’s sleep.  The “blah” or let down is truly your body’s way of telling you that it is time to take a time out vs. finding something else to get that adrenaline rush again like caffeine, sugar, adding stressors to name a few.  The best thing is to truly take care of yourself and work through the stresses of daily life by doing things that relax you and are healthy such as getting more sleep, meditation, yoga, and/or resting.

Time to drop the expectations, stop “shoulding”, and take a time out.  If you have trouble with post holiday “Blahs” or turning off your adrenaline response, time to give something new a try and contact Arizona Healing Alternatives, LLC to experience your AHA vs. “Blah” moment!


January 25, 2019 8:50 pm